I am currently on Day 10 of a 14 day Shadow Alchemy workshop*. Each day we are given a journaling and art prompt. The journaling prompt for today is titled “Path of Renewal”, and it states: “Envision a path of renewal unfolding possibilities.

  • What do you feel still needs to be shifted and integrated?
  • Write about the first, and next steps you can take on this path.

Start small, make it easy. The art prompt asked us to design an artwork that symbolizes the path of renewal.

I’ve always envisioned my shadows in a dusty, cobwebbed room, filled with filing cabinets, where I would run in, get what I absolutely had to have and run out. Today I cleaned the cobwebs, dusted, painted the walls a light lavender and opened the windows to let the fresh air in!!! It is no longer my shadow’s job to keep me safe, and hold onto what in the past I did not want to confront. We are now partners. I listen to their wisdom and allow the energies to flow through me. So when something or someone does trigger me, I can ask “why”, and excavate the actual reason I was triggered and release it.

There will no longer be a lock and key for this room, as the door will always be open.

Working/Playing/Dancing with our Shadows is not for the faint-hearted, it takes guts, commitment and willingness to go into those emotions/feelings, much like Luke Skywalker facing his demons in the dark cave. And I believe, it takes Community, with a capitiol “C”. That is what we do here at Bring Joy Forward. We allow a safe space, to help shine the light on those shadows, be they big or small, new or old, through our different activities available, such as morning journaling, tapping (EFT), art healing, book club, etc. We look forward to you joining us!

*The Shadow Alchemy workshop was presented by the Facebook group- Psykik Soul Play. Check them out!