End of year renewal.

I’m not one for resolutions because I don’t think the energy serves us but I do like taking a pause to really check in and see what needs to be released as well as what I’m bringing in or continuing. One of my practices is intuitive art sessions. They are not about creating works of art but instead about honoring yourself and what is authentic to you.

The fire represents all the things I want to leave behind. Notice there are less things here, that is because I want the focus to be on the positive. This is a mindset difference that really does help in all things. But you do need to acknowledge, and release, the things that you have worked through or that you realize you no longer accept. Or like me, sometimes you just need another reminder.

The leaves are words, ideas, things on your list, anything that you feel called to draw some attention to and put energy behind it.

In both cases, when you write these things also say it. I release …or I call in, whatever feels intuitive to you. This is your practice, I’m just giving you a tool and some guidance. If you have any questions or want to share please post in the comments or send me a message. We all need to help each other more.

My biggest focus in my life right now is to bring in peace, fun, and healing…for myself and those I can help along the way. Sometimes this is harder than others but with community and a high level of self care, it’s all possible.

I am super grateful for all the places that I find community but especially grateful for those in the Bring Joy Forward Community . They lift me up everyday and remind me that what we do is important, one person at a time.

I’ll drop a clean copy in the comments if you want to do this too.

I wish you all much love and light.