This is a pic of the sky I took right before a thunderstorm rolled in. Everything was black, white, and gray. Everything had an eerie cast. But in that moment of calm before the storm, I was struck by the beauty.

Thunderstorms happen when cumulonimbus clouds are present due to a rapid upward movement of warm, moist air. There will be an electrical storm (lightning) and an acoustic effect (thunder), and usually strong winds and heavy rain. The water droplets collide with other water droplets and become larger, and the falling droplets create a downdraft, pulling cooler air with them.

Thunderstorms are necessary. Mother Nature knows what she is doing. Thunderstorms help clear the air by removing pollutants and dust particles. They also play a role in regulating the Earth’s temperature and weather patterns. Lightning releases nitrogen into the soil to help with fertilization and plant growth. Lightning also produces ozone to protect the planet from harmful rays.

Although sometimes thunderstorms are damaging, usually they are beautiful and necessary.

I love thunderstorms. I could watch a thunderstorm from afar forever! There is something so powerful and mesmerizing watching that raw power.

I am struck by the thought that we humans need to sometimes have our own powerful “storm” to show us beauty and clear the air. We need to sweep up the things we need to release. This will allow us to lay the groundwork for a fresh start so we can manifest our dreams. There is a lot of beauty in that.

May all your storms be productive ones! And may they clear the way for manifesting what you want and need!