Consider this as you step forward into this new year.

Skip the New Year’s resolutions, and the quick start goals at the beginning of the year, and instead actively leave behind what no longer serves you.

Leave the anger, the frustration, the fear, and all the things that we cling to to try to make sense of what has happened to us during this craziness that we call life.

Instead, write those down, burn them to ash, and let them go.

Actively choose.

Then walk slowly into the space that you’ve left behind,

Sit with that for a moment and be aware of what’s missing, of what your heart needs,

so that you may walk forward,

and choose,

each time,

In every case,

what your soul wants.

I wish you all a year full of moments in which you are present,
fully present,
because all we have
is now.

Special tip. Adulting isn’t just hard, sometimes it’s really,




Let that little kid out every chance you get.

Don’t just Imaginif,


Happy New Year everyone and thank you for all that you’ve brought into my life in 2022.

Shannon ♥️