Marlisa McLaughlin

Integrative Health Professional specializing in Energy Work and Grief; Certified Yoga Instructor, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Certified Sound Therapist, Reiki & CranioSacral Studies, Educator, Producer & Program Developer

Marlisa considers her ability to help others help themselves the most valuable asset to her healing career. She has served as an integrative health professional for over thirty years, starting with a yoga certification and studies in CranioSacral therapy. A naturalized citizen of Iceland, her healing work began on Iceland’s northern coast where she opened the first yoga studio and healing center.

A decade later, she returned to New England and developed her practice into what she calls, Energy Alignment, which incorporates basic yogic principles of alignment and with the dynamics of subtle energy flow. Realizing the need to help her clients more fully embrace their own dynamic power, she introduced the element of sound via the use of tuning forks. Her work as a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner led to her Sound Bath certification with Sara Auster and her studies and practice in Sound Therapy through the Institute of Sound Therapy and Shamanic Studies.

Delighted and grateful for the integration of deeper listening, she loves to offer the connective, collective experience of shared sound experience. Marlisa presently resides in Connecticut where she enjoys family, her yellow labs, Ruby and Summer, fine food and friends, and the amazing coastal vibe.

Marlisa is a gifted, experienced and powerful healer. I am still feeling the expansion and relief from my session with her one month ago. She was able to zero in on my prominent block in my biofield from a childhood trauma. Marlisa hit the timing and significance of the event perfectly and facilitated a generational clearing that is still resonating. I highly recommend a personal session with her. It was life changing for me. Additionally, I have attended multiple group sound immersions which have a lovely, calming, and lasting effect. Rock on Marlisa!!