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The following professionals offer services and communities on the Bring Joy Forward Network.

Everyone shares a common goal, to bring joy foward in YOUR life and to provide opportunities for us all to come together collectively.

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Imaginif Media

Imaginif Media

Shannon Dias, CPC

Creative Services Consultant, Master Certified Coach, Artist, Author, Bring Joy Forward Founder and Magic Maker

Shannon specializes in Creative Expression, using simple yet powerful artistic play to harness your inner magic, and Spirit Speak, where she intuitively asks pointed questions to support you on your journey through the human experience.

Think of it like a combination of talking to your best friend, therapy, and getting a tarot reading all in one. Her unique approach to moving alongside grief and living in the moment fully make for meaningful conversations that lead to awareness, mindset changes and actionable plans to help you with your goals and challenges. It’s “real talk” with a side of silliness that really helps you do this thing called life.

Within these energy infused transformative sessions her signature style of coaching, heART magic, guides you through creative visualizations and intuitive discussion, towards your own path of self awareness, healing, and personal power, in order to Imaginif and Bring Joy Forward.

Business professionals receive specialized coaching that utilizes 30 years as a business leader in the areas of media, marketing, and creative problem problem solving.  Shannon believes in a whole self approach to life to find the work life balance that leaves you fulfilled and energized. Whether you want someone to talk you through your ideas, or help you discover new ones, Shannon’s ability to weave the requirements for business development with personal can help you on your journey.

Along with personalized coaching and business consulting, Shannon offers community, workshops and experiences that focus on providing an inclusive environment to explore, heal, play, and grow.


Authentic Life Journey

Authentic Life Journey

Ramona Crabtree-Falkner

Authentic Life Journey Coach, Reiki Master, RYT 500; Authentic Life Journey Founder

Ramona has been supporting and guiding sessions for nearly two decades in the Central Florida area. Her journey began as she explored ways to help her own life get in balance and become her authentic self. She began in traditional massage therapy and has expanded to energy work, yoga, coaching, retreats and more. Through experiencing her own journey of healing she felt driven to honor her call to be of support to others. She finds ways to support others by shining a light in the darkness. Through these programs and classes, Ramona invites you to discover and pick up your own light and step onto your authentic life journey path.

As an empath and intuitive being she offers opportunities for her community to honor your own truth and connect to your own intuitive divine knowing. Through connecting to the heart and learning to act on what the heart guides you to, you can find more ease and understanding of a world that can seem overwhelming. Understanding your intuition, empathic impacts and creating practices to honor the empath you are is at the center of the services Ramona offers the community of light workers and like-minded journeyers.

Ramona offers virtual and live sessions for Reiki, Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance Coaching and Retreats.



Marlisa McLaughlin

Integrative Health Professional specializing in Energy Work and Grief; Certified Yoga Instructor, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Certified Sound Therapist, Reiki & CranioSacral Studies, Educator, Producer & Program Developer

Marlisa considers her ability to help others help themselves the most valuable asset to her healing career. She has served as an integrative health professional for over thirty years, starting with a yoga certification and studies in CranioSacral therapy. A naturalized citizen of Iceland, her healing work began on Iceland’s northern coast where she opened the first yoga studio and healing center.

A decade later, she returned to New England and developed her practice into what she calls, Energy Alignment, which incorporates basic yogic principles of alignment and with the dynamics of subtle energy flow. Realizing the need to help her clients more fully embrace their own dynamic power, she introduced the element of sound via the use of tuning forks. Her work as a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner led to her Sound Bath certification with Sara Auster and her studies and practice in Sound Therapy through the Institute of Sound Therapy and Shamanic Studies.

Delighted and grateful for the integration of deeper listening, she loves to offer the connective, collective experience of shared sound experience. Marlisa presently resides in Connecticut where she enjoys family, her yellow labs, Ruby and Summer, fine food and friends, and the amazing coastal vibe.

MindMovement Coaching

MindMovement Coaching

Stacy Piccolo

Certified Professional Coach, 500 HR Yoga & Meditation teacher, Dancing Mindfulness facilitator, Creative, and Director of Well-Being & Retreats at MindMovement

With a unique ability to embrace others through radical acceptance, Stacy uses an empowered encouragement style to inspire others, not only to see and acknowledge their capabilities, but to make them a natural way of being. She takes delight in illuminating hidden talents and unique expressions, inspiring individuals to find the courage to look deeply within, practice self-love, and shine fully. 

Having triumphed over her own challenges Stacy learned how to enhance her well-being through embodied practices and went through intensive self-study in a two-year residency at a yoga ashram to develop her spiritual gifts and hone her skills.

Through her compassionate and non-judgmental presence in coaching sessions, she leads individuals on a personalized exploration of self-discovery & creative expression, using a variety of diverse modalities and allowing space for curiosity, reflection, and personal transformation. 

MindMovement Coaching

MindMovement Coaching

Sarah Ximenez

Certified Reiki Master, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certified, and Well-Being Program Manager at MindMovement

Sarah is a dedicated advocate for wellness and a passionate Reiki healing practitioner. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of holistic healing, Sarah combines her experience in Reiki and MBSR with a genuine desire to uplift and empower others, guiding them toward their highest potential. Through her empathetic approach and unwavering commitment to personal growth, Sarah strives to create a positive impact, fostering well-being and transformation in the lives of those she encounters.




Shannon Brown

Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Creatively Fit Coach

Shannon’s passions in life include communing with her land, flower gardening, taking care of her two adorable grandchildren full-time, and teaching others how to live a more balanced life with ease, grace, and joy

Shannon utilizes the tools of Reiki, Essential Oils, EFT, Gratitude, Soul Painting, Shadow Dancing, Chakra Balancing, Angel Wisdom, Animal Communication, as well as many others, in both her personal and professional life. Shannon Brown currently lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, Jim, cat, Jasmine, dog, Ruth Anne, 2 chickens, Shirley and Bleu, mini goat, Gracie Marie and mini donkey, Sophia Rose.  She can be contacted at

facebook: OpenDoorHeART
YouTube: opendoorheart4996
Instagram: shannonbrown1111

Collaboration is my favorite part of being on this network. There are so many wonderful guides who offer many different healing modalities and just plain fun. Creating new opportunities for others to find joy is just the best.

Shannon, Bring Joy Forward Founder

Are you ready to really make a difference in how you feel everyday?