by Stacy Piccolo

Throughout the day we often find ourselves carried away by our thoughts and our attention isn’t anchored in our bodies. The only time we can be fully present is when our attention is in the present moment. One of my favorite ways to be in the moment is to bring my attention into my body with the modality of Dancing Mindfulness. This inward focus can be a very spiritual experience and a special way to connect with yourself. After having lived at an ashram for two years, studying, volunteering, and teaching, I’ve learned that there are many ways to practice spirituality and be in a flow state with universal Energy.

Dancing Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to self-regulate our attention to the conscious awareness of our immediate experiences in movement. We do so with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance. You are guided to move and express in certain ways while focusing your attention on your physical body and the Energy that is flowing as you move. You will have much less time to think about anything as you are in the creative essence of the moment.

There is an attitude of non-judgment that is very important. We can all move in whatever ways we want. When I facilitate this modality, I like to encourage people at some point to do the weirdest move they can think of! It is just so much fun and you can really let your creativity flow. My prompts are not necessary to follow, but rather guidance for your personal experience. You have the freedom to make the practice your own.

We also want to be patient with ourselves and approach this practice with a beginner’s mind. Let ourselves be in awe of the body and the way it can move…really feel and experience the movement as if you’ve never done it before. This can bring about a sense of wonder like a child attempting to do something for the first time. We are no longer on autopilot and are now in the experience of the moment. Please know that we are not striving to look good or dance like we are at a party…instead, I will encourage you not to use any force or specific dance moves. Maybe you can feel the sound in your body and let it lead you.

We practice acceptance of the way our bodies want or need to move. The intention is to let go of your outside life situation and feel free! The joy I have seen and felt during a Dancing Mindfulness session is unparalleled. I, myself, felt like a child at the end of the 4-day training where I learned to facilitate. I looked around like I had never seen my environment before, I was filled with Joy, and felt fresh as if my life had just started!

I was really in the spirit of the moment and felt like I had tapped into very special universal Energy and it reignited a very intimate connection with my Higher Power. When I am able to participate in Dancing Mindfulness, it feels like I am telling the story of the Energy present in my body through dance!

We will be offering Dancing Mindfulness through the MindMovement Community on Bring Joy Forward. I’m so excited to share this space with you all and look forward to dancing, connecting, and making new friends!